Hey Church!

Come to church on Sunday and you'll get to vote on a new name for our church. We originally were going to narrow it down to 3, but we had so many good names that we were left with 8. 

On Sunday morning, everyone who is 16 years or older and either a member -or- considers themselves part of our family is welcome to vote!  Here's how voting will work:

  • Round 1 - You will be handed a ballot with 8 names. You'll choose 1.  We will collect the ballots and find the top 3 most popular. 
  • Round 2 - You will be handed a ballot with the 3 remaining options. You'll choose 1.  The top vote getter will be the name of our church!

After we choose a name on Sunday, Pastor CJ will commission a handful of graphic artists to design logos (this isn't as expensive as it sounds!). You'll be presented with all the good ones on February 5th to vote on your favorite. We will also submit documents to the Secretary of State to legally incorporate. Also, thank you for understanding that we're in a little bit of a time crunch here and we must choose a name by Sunday to incorporate and get a bank account, etc by the end of the month.

Here are your name finalists (In random order):

  • The Ridge Church
  • New Creation Church
  • Restoration Church
  • Crossings Church
  • Three Rivers Community Church
  • Commission Church
  • Carlisle Family Church
  • The Bridge Church

Names were filtered by the Advisory Team based on these criteria:

  • The name should not be generic
  • The name should not be denominational
  • Preferably use names that speak to core values of our church
  • Preferably connect us with our region
  • Names cannot be confusing or hard to explain to the non-believer

If you have any questions, please call, email, or text Pastor CJ! See you Sunday!

The Advisory Team