My name is Pastor CJ Nissen and I serve as the chaplain as well as Firefighter/EMT for the Carlisle Fire and Rescue Department. 

Last night we responded to a mobile home fire that destroyed the entire home. Although we were there early and responded accurately, the home and its contents were destroyed by either fire or smoke.  Carlisle Fire and Rescue, Hartford Fire, and Northern Warren Fire fought this blaze for over 5 hours even though everything was complicated by freezing tools, pumps, and breathing equipment.

The homeowners, Billie Jean Barlow and Josh Newby lost everything. They have a 12 year old daughter, a 16 year old daughter, and a 19 year old son living with them as well. This is even made more sad by the fact that they are not able to rely on much for insurance to help them out. Fortunately, they are able to stay with a parent for the time being. 

Their needs are "everything."

As a community, I am calling on you to respond in kindness and compassion to help meet their needs. We've set up a fund through our giving portal. Unlike GoFundMe or similar sites, we will not keep any fee and your entire donation will benefit the family (except a 2.75% credit card fee issued by the processor). 

Thank you for your kindness!

Donate Here

Clothing Donations and other donations:

Thank you for your generosity. Kenzie Mayer has offered to collect items for donation. She can be reached here:

Kenzie Adrian Mayer  515-443-6855 or on Facebook