Hey Three Rivers!

I wanted to give you an update regarding our Vision 2019 Campaign. First of all, let me tell you, on behalf of the elders, how impressed we were with your generosity. In the space of 3 weeks, you had pledged all the funds that we needed to proceed with our initiative.

The Vision 2019 had 2 components:

First we wanted to bring on a student ministries intern. Someone that we, as a church, can invest in and hopefully chase their God-sized dream of future full-time ministry. I hope you’ve had a chance to meet Turner and Briana – these two are not only a stellar couple who love the lord and love students, but they are killing it with our middle schoolers. We are so excited to see what the future holds with them!

The second initiative was that we wanted to rent the building downtown and use it as a student ministry center and a place that we all can use for bible studies, life groups, and classes. Kind of a home base.

We told you that we would be doing 2 things in the coming month. First, we’d be making sure it was acceptable for our use through zoning, legal, and insurance. We have to have a safe and secure place for our students.

Secondly, we would be working out the details of the lease in order to move forward.

Some of you expressed some concerns about the first point, whether or not it was a safe place. We did our due diligence initially and felt that we could promise that. The city, zoning officials, building officials and our insurance all signed off on it.

However, as we were spending time there, it became apparent that we were going to issues with security. We have a policy that says that those who have access to our kids are going to be background checked and trusted. The fact that there are tenants that live above and enter and exit through spaces that we should be securing is a major issue. The owner of the building has expressed no intention to help us mitigate this risk. Things like the building smelling like smoke are a major issue for us as well as pets that we can’t guarantee won’t be aggressive towards our kids.

Secondly, this week as we attempted to finalize a lease, we were presented with a final lease with terms that were vastly different then had been agreed upon in November and December. The building owner was unwilling to honor our original arrangement.

So going forward, we intend to continue to seek a place that’s suitable for us and one that Is affordable and secure. This is a major priority for us. We realize that some of you have already contributed and if you’d be willing, we would ask you to continue to contribute. We as elders are because we know that we are committed to the Woodworths and we are committed to using those funds for the intended use. That we promise!

Thank you again for your generosity and we look forward to presenting new opportunities!  If you have any questions, reach out to myself, Nick Bailey, or any of the elders at any time!

Pastor CJ