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Three Rivers has a two-part vision for 2019 that we've been excited to share! As a church, we've been experiencing growth:

  • Increased Outreaches and Service Projects

  • Greater Life Group Participation

  • Increased Giving

  • New Missionaries - and -

  • Student Ministries is Exploding!

The Elders have been pursuing and praying about 2 opportunities for 2019:


Student Ministries Intern

We see our student ministries as one of our best ways to impact our community. We are seeing weekly attendance of 20 middle school and almost 10 high school students. In addition, we have 8-10 adults who are committed to serving. It's almost a 50% increase over last year. We estimate that 80% of the students involved are from families outside of Three Rivers Church!

This is an incredible outreach opportunity! We'd like to create a position for a part-time intern to come alongside Pastor CJ and Rebecca Zirkelbach for the purpose of learning student ministries, sharing teaching and planning, and also developing into a future as a Student Ministries Pastor.


Coffee Shop / Youth Center

A facility is available uptown that has 3 spaces available for lease. We intend to rent all 3 spaces.

We see this property benefiting the Mission of Three Rivers in several ways:

1. Visibility - "Visibility is Credibility!" It's easy for people who don't attend Three Rivers to forget that we exist. Aside from our street signs that are up for 12 hours a week and our special events, we aren't visible in our community during the week. Using this facility would put our presence right in the middle of downtown. Further, it would communicate that we care about Carlisle and we care about students... and we're here to stay! Our signage will remind everyone that drives through downtown Carlisle who we are.

2. Flexibility - This facility would allow us to host Bible Studies and Life Groups throughout the week. It would be available whenever we would like to use it. Currently we can only rent space during specific times which is very limiting. This would open up a lot of possibilities for current and future ministry!

3. Home Base - This facility will serve as a home for our weekly ministries. It will also provide a neutral location for counseling,small groups, and youth ministry.



Currently a salon, this 12'x34' room could serve as a Coffee Shop as well as a general area for meeting and hosting. We envision this as an appealing space for high school students to fellowship as well as a cozy space for women's groups and team meetings. This is the first space when entering the facility.

We’d like to use the coffee shop as a way to spread awareness about our international missions partners and as a way to partner with local ministries by providing mentoring and professional job training.

Meeting Area

This was formerly a coffee shop but we see it as being an ideal spot for hosting meals, life groups, and for a large group meeting place for middle school lessons. It measuress 23'x30' and we estimate can seat 50 middle schoolers.

It will be great for us to use to host bible studies and other events for the community. It will also be a place for counseling and coaching.

Back Room Chairs.JPG
Basement 1.JPG

Youth Center

The lower level was a dance studio in a former life. We think it would be a great place to put game tables and video games! This 30'x47' room is made of concrete and will survive any shenanigans that students throw at it. We really pray that it will be a place that students make positive relationships that will help them in their walk with Christ!

It will house our growing 3/RiV (pronounced Thrive) Student Ministries as well as used for community youth functions geared at teenage students.

Here’s what is still needed!

Amazingly, the members and regular attenders have pledged the needed finances to lease the building. Praise the Lord for their generosity! But we need some help furnishing and turning this thing into something really spectacular, so prayerfully consider the following needs:

  • Remodeling Costs - This is fairly minimal as the facility is pretty move-in ready! So some money for paint and one short counter top. The biggie here is making the front of the building look attractive with some alteration and signage. We will also be pursuing some grant options to help here.

  • Cafe Furnishings and Equipment - In order to outfit a Coffee Shop, we are estimating the following expenses:

    • Espresso Machine - A good one starts at about $4000

    • Coffee Grinder - $500-1000

    • Drip Brewer - A Bunn Dual Brewer is $1400

    • Water Filtration System - $300

    • Refrigerator - $1200 for a glass front

    • Shelving and Display Board - $500

    • Point of Sale System - About $1000

    • Tables and Chairs - $1000-1500

  • Youth Center Furnishings - We’d like to outfit this joint with some really cool stuff. Here’s a link to our Amazon Wish List. If we just purchased everything we’d like, we’ll be near $8000. Of course, we will gladly consider good condition donations!

  • Monthly Operating Expenses - Three Rivers has committed to paying the lease of the building, but of course there are always incidental costs like internet and security camera costs.

I’d like to be involved!

If you’re still reading and interested in helping out financially, consider using the “Vision 2019” option in our giving portal. All gifts are tax deductible as we are covered under 501 (c)(3) non-profit status. You can designate a one-time gift or a recurring donation.

Or, send a check to:

Three Rivers Community Church

PO Box

Carlisle, IA 50047

Thank you for considering your part in this big dream that we have! Above all, we hope that you’ll pray for Three Rivers and our desire to serve our community through this cool opportunity!